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The first exhibition on environmentally sustainable household items.
Bags, toys, lamps, chairs, vases, necklaces, rings, pots, dishes, photo frames, candles and other home accessories are just some of the products featured at Macef Sustainable home: the first exhibition on environmentally sustainable household items, which was held from September 8th to 11th in Milan at MACEF.
The protection of the environment and health within the home has become a necessity.
The exhibition, Macef Sustainable Home, sponsored by Macef and by Arch. Marco Capellini, with this first edition featured more than 80 Italian and foreign products. Each product was accompanied by a sheet that describes the key environmental characteristics in terms of materials and processes.
Even the layout of the exhibition was made entirely of cardboard kubedesign, meeting the sustainable philosophy of the entire Sustainable Home project.
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La prima mostra sugli oggetti per la casa ambientalmente sostenibili.
Borse, giocattoli, lampade, sedute, vasi, collane, anelli, pentole, stoviglie, porta foto, candele ed altri accessori per la casa, sono solo alcuni dei prodotti presentati a Macef Sustainable: la prima mostra sugli oggetti per la casa ambientalmente sostenibili, che si è svolta dall’8 al 11 settembre a Milano in occasione di MACEF.
La tutela dell’ambiente e della salute all’interno della casa è diventata una necessità.
La mostra, Macef Sustainable Home, promossa da Macef ed a cura dell’Arch. Marco Capellini, con questa prima edizione presentava oltre 80 prodotti di aziende italiane e estere. Ciascun prodotto era accompagnato da una scheda tecnica che ne descrive le principali caratteristiche ambientali in termini di materiali e processi.
Anche l’allestimento della mostra, realizzato interamente in cartone da kubedesign, era rigorosamente sostenibile per rispettare l’intera filosofia del progetto Sustainable Home.
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Ethical Fashion Show: a flashback to the 2010 edition!

Today the Ethical Fashion Show 2011 is opening the doors at the Carrousel du Louvre. The lucky of you who are in Paris could visit the fair this Thursday 1st September / 5pm > 11pm (Professional and Press Day) for the Fashion show and Inaugural Cocktail Party, on Friday 2nd September / 9.30am > 7pm
(Professional and Press Day) for interesting conference on "Luxury Made in France: the expertise of French couture today" or for the presentation of Universal Love's collection of accessories from the whole world, made by cooperatives for the aid and development of the know-how and techniques that are specific to different cultures. On Saturday 3rd September / 9.30am > 7pm
(Professional and Press Day) you will find other conferences (Environmental labelling, ISO 26000, current and future initiatives for better consumer information; Innovation, Ecodesign in Fashion: What is it all about?) and the Ethical Fashion Show Award. Last but not least on Sunday 4th (Public Day) there will be other conferences on Recycling, the TENCEL® and Lenzing Modal® contest catwalk and Runway Show.
I have a very nice memory of the past edition and I really suggest - if you have the chance - you to go and find out other interesing brands such as the one I interviewed last year.
Have a look at the interviews:
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- Oshy by Salah Barka

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- The colours of nature

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