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Who said that LOHAS are still a small niche?

LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) consumers are those that pursue a lifestyle based on ecological sustainability and on attention to their own health and that of the planet. Consequently, when shopping, these consumers always choose carefully, are aware of the importance of quality and of the origin of products.
Ernst & Young in a 2008 study was considering three scenarios that trace possible LOHAS developments:
1. Scenario 1 “niche”;
2. Scenario 2 “Mainstream”;
3. Scenario 3 “Boom”.
Evaluating the situation in 2018 the most probable scenario is the “Boom”:
·      consumer behavior: LOHAS becomes dominant lifestyle;
·      supply chain management: integrated management and monitoring of the supply chain;
·      key success factors: quality, credibility, trust.
In 2010, when Bio-Fashion was launched, LOHAS consumers were still difficult to find in Italy and the number of events that were focusing on educating and inspiring this consumers’ cluster for a more sustainable fashion was definitely lower than today.
What follows is a short list of some events on sustainable fashion that I was coordinating in Milan during 2018 or that were organized by very proactive students’ associations and accelerators that involved enthusiasts and the broader community of LOHAS. All these events were fully booked!
I take the chance to thank Green Light for Business, LuxuryArts Club SDA Bocconi, Ethica Club SDA Bocconi, Bocconi Students for Fashion and Fashion TechnologyAccelerator for their proactivity and contribute to make the LOHAS consumers always bigger!!!

Rethinking Fashion Sustainability event by Fashion Technology Accelerator

Fashion Revolution event by Green Light for Business

Ethics in Fashion Event by LuxuryArts Club SDA Bocconi and Ethica Club SDA Bocconi 

Creating Shared Value in Fashion @MAFED
So, who said that LOHAS are still a small niche?
If you are willing to participate to events in 2019 and be part of the LOHAS community, feel free to get in touch.

I wish all of you a green 2019!