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Send your sustainable ideas to the Business Idea Competition in Fashion 2012

Do you have a business idea that is ready to emerge?
Then the Business Idea Competition in Fashion is meant for you!

Send your project to the "Business Idea Competition (BIC) in Fashion" and you will have the chance to attend the intensive course "Business Idea Competition in Fashion 2012: starting up a new company” with teaching faculty from the SDA Bocconi MAFED program (Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management).

Next starting date (selection): March 19 - June 4
Duration (course): 3 days, July 11-13 2012
Language: English
Total participants: 15 people

For information:
Here you can watch an interview with Raen Bonato, creative director of Nati Con La Camicia a BIC 2011 participant:


Ma la moda può davvero essere sostenibile?

Ecco il video del mio contributo alla tavola rotonda "La moda sostenibile tra tecnologia e creatività" svoltasi il 27 marzo a Palazzo Isimbardi.


Bio-Fashion talks @ Fa' la cosa giusta!

Here I am with the other eco-bloggers during the Camp "Pink is the New Green" organyzed by Organyc at the fair Fa' la cosa giusta in Milan.

Eccomi con le altre eco-bloggers durante il Camp "Pink is the New Green" organizzato da Organyc alla fiera Fa' la cosa giusta a Milano.