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The voice of the next generation @ the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

The Youth Fashion Summit, part of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 gathered together 100 of the most talented young designers and business school students in Europe to give the fashion industry their take on a sustainable fashion future. May 2nd. We have met in the wonderful city-setting of Copenhagen to start this increadible experience.
The day has been full of intensive workshops for brainstorming with a unique goal: finalizing the guidelines to be presented the day after during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit at the Opera House!
May 3rd. The day started at the press conference with Eva Kruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute and Chairman of Nordic Fashion Association.
The whole fashion community was there. Among the others: Helena Helmersson, H&M Head of sustainability, Rossella Ravagli, Gucci CSR Manager
Rick Ridgeway, Chairman of Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Patagonia VP of Environmental Initiatives, Holly Dublin, Special Adviser to the Chief Sustainability Officer (PPR) and Acting Sustainability Programme Director (PPR Home).
Watch the video of the press conference. Then finally the Summit. Watch the video of the Opening Speech The most exciting moment was when the students from 16 design and business schools presented their recommendations for the sustainability of the fashion industry. My heart was beating for my students: I am really proud of them! Watch "The voice of the next generation" video. The day was super-interesting and full of many indepth presentations.
Everything was perfect, even the eco-lunch, coherently with the topic of the day: sustainability at 360°!
Dulcis in fundo? Even the Valentino dress of the Green Carpet Challenge was there in exposition!
Last but not least the fashion show en plein air with sustainable fabrics provided by C.L.A.S.S.