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My Fashion Revolution Week 2017!

My Fashion Revolution Week 2017 started in London.
 I had the pleasure to participate to the new book launch of Safia Minney: Slave To Fashion!
 I had the chance to meet again Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco Age Ltd.
In Milan I participated to the Fashion Revolution event organized by Marina Spadafora at Nonostantemarras
I had the chance to know better and see the revolutionary products of the super-innovative Wrad Living.

I have met the founders of Lablacogive, the first social commerce app to share second-hand clothes

 and Teeshare, a brand whose DNA is the strong link between fashion and art.
Finally I coordinated a round table on Responsible Innovation during the SDA Bocconi Luxury Forum.
I interviewed Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Manager Isko and Daniel Tocca (image below), co-founder and CEO Re-Bello.
Every week should be a Fashion Revolution Week: let's always ask #whomademyclothes, let's never forget what happened on April 24th 2013 #RanaPlaza!