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Getting ready for Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015!

I hope to see you in Geneva on February 5th at the Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015 at Maison de la Paix - S 7 to join our Lab on "Next Generation Business: Crafting a New Enterprise DNA Fit for the Future"
Here are the great speakers I will meet during the panel: Marcello PALAZZI, CEO Europe, B-Corporation Labs (Netherlands), Benoit GREINDL, CEO, Montagne Alternative (Switzerland), Nicoletta IACOBACCI, Ambassador for Switzerland, Singularity University, (Switzerland).

Prepare for a deep dive into emerging business designs and models that are disrupting industries whilst raising customer value and contribute to well-being, such as the ‘circular economy’ approach, exponential organisation, sharing economy, ’shared value, true value, the ‘B Corps’ and others . This workshop will explore a dozen innovative models, their origins, mechanics and competitive consequences for the luxury sector!