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Earth Day & Responsible Fashion

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2015 Greenleaf Publishing will give you the gift of a cacao tree when you purchase  the digital version of "The Responsible Fashion Company" (click here to buy the e-book).
Thanks to our partnership with Treedom , these trees will be planted in the Greenleaf forest in Cameroon as part of an IRAD project, producing high-quality cocoa beans and providing local farmers with an additional source of income. Each tree will absorb 55kg of CO2 during its lifetime, the equivalent of the average amount produced by one person in 4 days.
IRAD is a public research authority under the technical supervision of the Cameroonian Ministry for the Scientific Research and Innovation. Its many regional units conduct techno-scientific activities for agricultural research. In Cameroon, nearly half of the population lives in rural districts conducting farming, pastoral and forestry activities. Moreover, poverty profiles analysis show that a rural phenomenon is beginning in Cameroon. For these reasons, IRAD projects are focused on developing new technologies to improve food security and to reduce the resources' scarcity for local farmers all over the country. IRAD has therefore decided to collaborate with Treedom to realize a project for planting cacao trees with the active participation of many villages of the Central Region. Treedom and its local partner estimates that the beneficiaries of its reforestation project are 1,300 people, including the farmers and their families. 
You will be able to follow the progress of your tree as it grows and watch it flourish!
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