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The Responsible Fashion in English!!

After more than 1 year of intense work for the update and the translation of the contents, we are finally glad to announce that "L'impresa moda responsabile" is now available in English. "The Responsible Fashion Company" is about to be launched!!

I would like to thank Greenleaf Publishing for the incredible work done together.

Here are some great praises from the managers and opinion leaders that have already read the book. Thank you all!

“We are at the point of an economic revolution, and consumers are increasingly moved by the injustice of trade and the human and environmental costs of big corporate profits. Francesca Romana Rinaldi and her colleagues' book 'the Responsible Fashion Company' goes a long way to pulling together existing research on sustainable fashion and is full of positive examples of better practice in luxury fashion. An inspiring read for new economists, intellectuals, fashion people and consumers, alike.”

Safia Minney, MBE, People Tree founder and CEO

Today, themes such as ethics and moral values are getting to the heart of society. Not only as an individual approach but also from a corporation’s perspective. This coincides with the will of driving change in the social environment. Companies in particular play a key role in this, and it is essentials for managers, professionals, researchers and students to have access to in-depth data ... I love this book because it provides a clear framework of how the fashion industry is moving, business and managerial models, and rich case studies.”
Rossella Ravagli,
Head of Sustainability Gucci

"Full of inspiring ideas and concrete case studies, this book is for anyone who wants to know how ethics and fashion can work together to define a new social agreement.  It is actually possible to go beyond the capital/labour dichotomy and reconcile environmental conservation and personal dignity, without renouncing either to profit or beauty."
Sara Tommasiello,
Finance, HR & CSR Manager Monnalisa Group

"All the ideas and cases shown in this book highlight how aesthetic is linked to ethics.  In a world where natural resources are getting close to an end each day more, it doesn't make any sense to think about fashion as a linear economic activity, despising its social, cultural and environmental aspects . More than ever it's necessary to see that the fashion industry - if well oriented- can work as a contemporary tool towards the development of an awareness trough which sustainability is central. And this book represents a breaking point against false dichotomies that , many times, lead to shallow analysis about what is fashion and its potential. Thanks to it, we can see how is possible to conciliate one of the most important activity in the world - that generates more 30 million jobs - with best practices."
Oskar Metsavaht,
Founder and Creative Director of Osklen and Instituto-E

“This book fills a gap in the market for students and employees of fashion that want to understand the industry's current cultural context and the role sustainability now plays within this. It also provides a good overview of sustainability models and initiatives that are relevant to fashion, as well as a breadth of brand case studies which help underline that strong ethics and environmental considerations now underpin the success of leading commercial companies.”
Allanna McAspurn,

"Nudie Jeans started as a dream about not having to compromise, making the jeans we want at the same time as bringing a consideration for the environment and human rights into every aspect of products. This book describes many good examples of how this is happening in our industry."

Henrik Lindholm,
CSR Manager Nudie Jeans

“As part of an industry which leaves a massive footprint on people and planet, the growing challenge we face is balancing the fast moving demands of the fashion world with the realities of a production system which struggles to keep pace. The book is a refreshing and relevant overview of the facts, bringing to life the dilemmas and challenges underlined by examples of how businesses can drive positive change whilst using it to their competitive advantage.”    
Rachel Hearson,
Account Manager Fairtrade Foundation UK

“Integrating ethics & aestethics in the value chain. This book provides everything you need to know about how to manage responsibility in the fashion industry.”
Diana Verde Nieto,
Co-Founder and CEO Positive Luxury

“Rinaldi’s and Testa’s book adresses a fundamental but neglected issue inherent in the fashion sustainability debate: the fragile and apparently impossible balance between beauty, values, and the economic imperative; the model it proposes merits plause. The book is a must read for managers  and academia determined to contribute to a better world through responsible fashion business practices and education.”
                                                                                             Michela Ornati, Program Director, Fashion & Luxury Sustainability Summer School, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

“The two authors place sustainable fashion in the wider context of responsible business practice, taking the debate beyond the exclusive construct of the fashion or luxury product, intelligently structuring a  snapshot of where we are now in the evolution of this complex discussion. They include a clear dissemination of the language and tools of sustainable fashion and CSR, and a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry's diverse approaches to ethics, environment, the branding of ethics, and the business case for sustainable business in fashion, with case studies, industry comment, and theory bringing the wider CSR context to the crux of business and sustainability in the  fashion and luxury industries. The Responsible Fashion Company is a book academics and CSR professionals in the sphere of fashion and business have been waiting for.”

Mo Tomaney
Subject Leader, Post Graduate Fashion & Business
University for the Creative Arts
Epsom UK

"An essential read to understand what went wrong in the fashion industry and how to make it right, this book highlights positive examples and clear steps towards a real, effective change. 
I would recommend it to all who are interested in fashion, from students to young designers to established businesses wanting to combine ethics and aesthetics for a more sustainable future, as well as the public looking to understand how positive buying choices can affect our environment. "

Orsola de Castro, creative manager
of From Somewhere and Reclaim To Wear, co-founder and curator of
Estethica LFW

"The Responsible Fashion Company offers a comprehensive picture of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in the global fashion industry.
The discussion about the role of the neo-consumer, the "LOHAS" practitioners is particularly inspiring. Across industries,  enterprises have seen their sustainability initiatives fail or only develop into  a symbolic action because of a lack of consumer buy-in. The Responsible Fashion Company gives useful examples of how sustainable business models mat by created in the so necessary dialogue with consumers. Read, learn from others and develop your own innovative way of doing business the right way."

Mads Øvlisen, Chairman of the UN Global Compact’s Advisory Group on Supply Chain Sustainability

"As the fashion industry continues to hit the headlines due to its negative impact on both the environment and the people working to make our clothes, this book provides a focused and in depth overview of the challenges affecting the sector.   From cradle-to-cradle processing and triple bottom line strategy to maintaining brand integrity, the authors effectively illustrate the way businesses can address these challenges and move towards a responsible and commercial value chain."

Victoria Waugh, part of Ethical Fashion Forum and Director, SOURCE Consultancy

For those of you who are interested, you can pre-order the book using the promotional banner on the side of this post.

Enjoy your reading!!