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Bio-Fashion Events: Fashion Revolution

Green Light for Business is happy to welcome you to the event: “Fashion Revolution: green trends across the fashion industry”.

The fashion industry has been an engine for global development, accounting for €1.5 trillion revenues in 2016, employing 60 million people along its value chain. However, pressures coming from scarcity of natural resources, raising costs of providing raw materials and social unrest are hindering this positive growth trajectory, forcing companies to rethink and redesign their way of doing business. 
It is not, or at least in part, about being environmentally-driven. 
Mostly, it is about being profit and risk-driven.
As of today, the push for sustainability in the fashion industry is still relatively low.
For businesses, acting differently than today and pursuing novel solutions offer an opportunity to maintain and ensure profitable growth going forward. If no action is taken, fashion brands will find themselves likely squeezed between falling average per-item prices, deeper discount levels, rising costs, and resource scarcity along the value chain.
Incorporating sustainability into the business strategy will be the key competitive advantage to ensure future survival.
At the event you will have the chance to meet 4 notable examples of companies building a business case for sustainability: from luxury bags, to technical apparel, to end with ecological and innovative materials.
Changing the rules of the game will be no piece of cake.
Are you up for the challenge?
Then, see you the to meet our guest speakers:
- Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Bocconi University & Milano Fashion Institute
- Giorgio Ravasio, Country Manager Italia Vivienne Westwood
- Enrica Arena, Founder of Orange Fiber
- Anna Fiscale, Founder of Progetto Quid
- Stefano Bassi, Enviro Initiatives Coordinator Patagonia Milano