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Events: Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015

"Luxury in a VUCA World: How to address soaring inequalities, scarcities and complexities?", this was the theme of the SLF2015 that took place in Geneva on February 4-5. 

The organization team, including Christopher H. Cordey and Barbara Victorino, has the remarkable merit to have brought together more than 100 participants, including CSR managers, associations, teachers and industry professionals and to have put together an incredible program on advanced sustainability topics that was great "food for thought" for the discussions. 

"The Responsible Fashion Company" was there among other super-interesting books, including:
Super Intelligence by Nick Bostrom, Fin de l'Occident, naissance du monde by Hervé Kempf, Heidi réveille-toi by Robert Salmon and Christopher H. Cordey.  

It has been a great chance to strengthen the sustainable luxury network and to discuss about what's next, generating new ideas on innovative business models in luxury & fashion.

The full report is available here.